We are all connected to each other and to something else. The ether or the divine or the deeper structure—whatever you choose call it—it is there. We experience a glimpse or a sense of the ethereal to some degree through the arts, meditation, and prayer. It doesn’t matter where you are when you meditate, pray, experience an amazing piece of music, or encounter astonishing art; in these moments you glimpse the ether, the transcendental, the divine, the incorporeal soup within which we exist.
My work for the last 25 years has been about finding the beauty in places not often considered. I am always in pursuit of true beauty. Beauty lies in the perception of the beholder and we all experience beauty in differing and varying ways. Some ways are uniquely our own but, each time beauty is beheld it provides one with a glimpse into the ether. This entire collection is about the beauty that can be found by shifting focus, literally and figuratively. It’s about seeing the world differently.
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